Gainesville is one of 59 cities to earn the designation of “tree cities of the world” — and rightfully so. Surely this title comes with more upkeep for homeowners than meets the eye. Avoid the North Central Florida first-time homeowner shock with these tree maintenance tips.

Tree Removal Protects Your Home

Beautiful trees bring rich character to an outdoor space. Dead and dying trees pose a threat to nearby structures and people and often necessitate removal. 

You can rest assured knowing we don’t burn removed trees — we recycle them into useful, natural products.

Signs of Tree Damage

Examining the trees in your yard for signs of damage is a good first step to ensuring your home is safe. If any of the following apply to a tree in your yard, you may be in need of timely tree removal.

  • The tree is structurally compromised.
  • The tree runs the risk of falling on a valuable target.
  • The tree’s roots are growing in unwanted areas, causing damage.
  • The tree is visibly dead.
  • The tree has a visible pest infestation.
  • The tree is discolored or has malformed leaves.
  • The tree is characterized by cracks, deadwood, or missing bark.

If you have determined that a tree in your yard needs to be removed, we recommend contacting a professional. Tree removal can be dangerous if performed by someone who is not properly trained. Contact the team at Gaston’s Tree Service to promptly and safely remove your tree.

Ambiguous Trees

If you are unsure whether or not a tree in your yard is a liability, ask a specialist. Our certified arborists can diagnose the health of your trees and walk you through the best course of action.

When partially damaged trees do not necessitate removal, alternative tree treatments can be prescribed to protect the integrity of the tree and safety of your home. Pruning and structural reinforcement are two common remedies.

Tree Trimming Improves Your Curb Appeal

The 5 p.m. glow of the sun shining through the trees is one of our favorite parts of living in Alachua County. When a tree is properly trimmed, sunlight can pass through the tree canopy to the ground, providing plants underneath access to sun needed to flourish.

Tree trimming helps the trees on your property both externally and internally — providing many benefits including visual appeal and tree health. Well-managed trees can even add value to your home.

Types of Tree Trimming

Pruning strengthens trees by providing branches with a more direct connection to the trunk. Tree trimming can serve a number of purposes.

  • Removal of dead or hazardous limbs or branches.
  • Raising the tree’s canopy by removing lower limbs.
  • Pruning of branches from the tree’s interior to thin the tree.
  • Pruning of branches from the exterior to shape the tree.

Pruning is often performed during trees’ dormancy season, preparing for vibrant new blooms in the spring. Fall is the rarest time to prune because trees heal slower from fungal wounds during this season. However, there is no one best time to trim your trees.

Gaston’s Tree Service Protects Your Trees and Home

Moving into a new space with a number of gorgeous trees is both exciting and daunting — trees can add value to your home if maintained or detract if unmanaged. Protecting your new home using a variety of tree maintenance techniques is a high priority, so leave it to the experts at Gaston’s Tree Service.Request a free quote today to find out if the trees in your yard are exhibiting signs that they may be in need of removal or discuss setting up a tree trimming service.