Our equipment allows us to serve you more safely and more efficiently. It allows us to remove dead or dangerous tree branches without dangerous and intrusive climbing gear. It allows us to service the trees in your yard without destroying it. 

One of our distinguishing characteristics is our investment in top-notch tree service equipment. Gaston’s prides itself on being one of the few companies in the area that can mobilize at a moment’s notice. Our equipment includes:

  • Bucket trucks that have an 85’ working height and can work a 100+ foot tree in “easy access” areas.
  • An 80’ tracklift used for our “limited access” areas or those with a sensitive landscape.
  • 127’ cranes that lift debris up and remove it safely. This is opposed to the commonly used “dropping” method which can cause damage to plants and structures below.
  • Debris hauling trucks which eliminate the need for dangerous hand-fed chippers
  • Small Bobcats to bring debris out of tight locations
  • Carlton Stump Cutter
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Continual investment in the latest technology and equipment serves two functions for Gaston’s Tree Service. First, and arguably the most important, is safety. While we have well-trained tree climbers on staff, the ability to work from a bucket provides our team with the highest margin of safety. Second, proper equipment dramatically improves productivity. The time we save allows us to pass discounts along to our customers.