When Tree Removal Is a Priority

A damaged or dying tree is not just an eyesore for your yard, but rather it can also be dangerous for people or structures on your property. Being proactive about tree removal can help ensure the safety of your guests and loved ones, but you should not attempt to remove your trees yourself. Instead, tree removal should only be done by a company that has the necessary experience, skill, and equipment to do it right. Gaston’s Tree Service has offered the highest quality tree removal services for Gainesville and North Central Florida since 1972. 

Since our beginning over 4 decades ago, we’ve encountered a number of reasons why customers need trees to be removed from their landscapes. While the degree of urgency can vary according to the reason for the needed removal, it’s important to remove a tree as quickly as possible if any of the following issues are present.

  • The tree is structurally compromised.
  • The tree runs the risk of falling on a valuable target.
  • The tree’s roots are growing in unwanted areas, causing damage or lending an unsightly appearance. 
  • The tree is visibly dead or dying.

The team at Gaston’s Tree Service can remove any tree, no matter the size.

Signs a Tree Is Dying

Generally, you will be able to see some common signs of decay as a tree disease progresses. As your tree becomes sicker, the signs of illness include cracks, deadwood, missing bark, visible pest infestations, discolored or malformed leaves, leaning, or visible root damage.

Other Reasons to Remove a Tree

Tree removal may not be an emergency for safety reasons or to prevent structural or property damage, but often customers have other reasons for wanting to have trees removed from their Florida yard. Some other common reasons for tree removal include when:

  • The tree is getting in the way of a construction area.
  • The tree is obstructing the view.
  • Tree growth has gotten out of hand and now prevents grass from growing.
  • The tree is overwhelming the space.
  • Pollen, leaves, sap, or fruit are falling on the property and it is becoming an issue.
  • The tree is unattractive or no longer fits in with the rest of your landscape design.

Our certified arborists are highly skilled at thoroughly inspecting and accurately diagnosing the health of your trees. In some instances, our arborists will determine that tree removal may not be necessary, and the tree may be able to be saved. In these cases, our arborists may alternatively recommend other tree treatments such as pruning or structural reinforcement to protect the integrity of the tree. 

Trust the Tree Experts at Gaston’s

Whatever the reason you find that you need professional tree removal service in Gainesville or North Central Florida, the knowledgeable, experienced team at Gaston’s Tree Service is who you want to call. We put our decades of expertise to work for you to remove your trees safely and effectively, serving you through tree removal, tree trimming, emergency service, tree debris removal, and stump removal. Our passion has always been helping your yard look its best with healthy, vibrant trees, as we restore the beauty and appeal of your landscape through tree removal. Contact us today for a free tree removal quote customized to your needs.