Fortunately for tree enthusiasts, our area of the country enjoys a more temperate climate than our more northern neighbors. As a result, southern trees tend to age well and last a long time due to the lack of exposure to snow or other extreme weather conditions. But, they need a little help to stay healthy, vibrant, and growing their best. Taking care of your trees is vitally important. Read on to learn our expert tips for tree cutting basics in Gainesville, Florida. 

Understanding Tree Cover 

Before focusing on tree care methods, it is essential to know one of the main reasons trees in Florida must be cut, even if they are undiseased or growing well – and that is to maintain the tree cover or its canopy. The amount of Gainesville tree cover varies according to development, growth, tree species, or the occurrence of storms. 

Increasing, improving, and maintaining tree cover has many benefits, including giving wildlife a refuge, enhancing overall feelings of health and well-being, maximizing property value, protecting from the sun’s heat, reducing air pollution, and adding beauty to the environment. Contrarily, a lack of sufficient tree cover has negative effects, so it is absolutely essential to be conservative and only significantly cut or remove trees that you know are a concern. 

Gainesville, FL Tree Care Basics

Ensuring an adequate amount of tree cover is just one part of a comprehensive tree care plan. Besides giving your trees the benefit of helpful mulch, appropriate tree care involves removal, trimming, and tree and stump removal. 

Tree Removal in Gainesville

When assessing the health or safety of your trees, only elect to remove if a professional arborist has recommended and can perform the work. You may find that you need to remove trees if the tree is irreparably damaged or dying, its roots are growing wild in undesirable places, or if the tree appears likely to fall and cause structural damage to your property. 

Gainesville Tree Trimming

Tree cutting, or trimming, is an effective solution if your tree does not need to be removed but does require pruning. This lawn maintenance task is essential for tree health and, as such, should only be performed by professional arborists who know how to trim away damage and decayed limbs without negatively affecting the overall present or future vitality of your trees. Your tree may need trimming due to dangerous or dying limbs and branches or the need to raise the tree canopy or shape the tree by pruning its branches.  

Stump Removal in Gainesville

If you have had a tree removed but still deal with the unsightly or even hazardous stump left behind, you need stump grinding services. This process is effective if you need to remove the tree, but not its root system, and the ground stump leaves you with chips or sawdust you can use as mulch. 

Gainesville, FL Emergency Tree Services

Gaston’s Tree Service is here to provide you with all of your tree care needs. And while ideally, you are able to establish a regular tree care schedule with Gaston’s Tree Service, that may not always be possible. So, we are here for you if you also find that you need emergency, unplanned service due to inclement weather or improper tree cutting.

Gaston’s Is Your Gainesville, Florida Tree Cutting Expert

To ensure your trees are properly tended, rely on the expertise of Gaston’s Tree Service team (with certified arborists on staff). We are knowledgeable and competent about keeping your trees growing their best through tree cutting and maintenance. At the same time, we are focused on keeping your property as safe as it can be for you and your guests. Contact us today to find out how we can make it easy to have the most beautiful, healthy trees in the neighborhood!