Tree service is a very nuanced and technical job that should only be done by licensed and insured professionals but there is a lot of pseudo-science and tall tales out there when it comes to servicing your trees. To that end, we’ve outlined a few of the common tree service myths that we hear and the reality behind them. 

Tree Service Myths Exposed

Myth #1 – Anyone with a pickup truck and a chainsaw can provide tree service.

There are a lot of people out there who provide tree service as a part-time business or side hustle and many of them are very well-intentioned and some even highly skilled. It’s simple math – tree + chainsaw = tree service, right? Not quite. Just because someone has a few pieces of equipment, it doesn’t mean that they are qualified to properly service your trees. 

There is a lot to consider when letting someone onto your property to trim or remove your trees and, while it’s important that they have the right tools for the job, that is just the start. A few things to consider when hiring a tree service.

  • Are they reputable? Review their business’s reviews online. Ask neighbors and friends around the community if they would recommend them. 
  • Are they qualified? Ask for examples of certifications, training, and experience. Almost anyone can buy the equipment needed to trim or cut down trees, but knowing how to use it properly is another matter altogether. 
  • Are they insured? This is a big one. Everyone has heard the horror stories of the wind blowing a falling tree into a house or a tree branch falling at an unexpected angle and hitting a parked car below it. While these examples are not the norm, accidents do happen and it’s important to know that those accidents will be covered responsibly. 
  • Are they able to handle complicated situations? If you live in a standard-sized neighborhood, it’s not uncommon for your tree care to be complex. Proximity to neighbors, electrical wires, fences, and personal property needs to be accounted for. As does the wind direction, the angle your tree is leaning, potential impediments, access to and from the site, and debris removal. These are just a few of the many things that your tree service will need to consider and a lack of experience or equipment in any one of these areas can prove disastrous. 

Myth #2 – Stumps are easy to remove by yourself.

This myth seems to come and go but it is still very prevalent. Many property owners think that if they can just get someone to cut down their tree, they can save a few bucks by removing the stump themselves. Whether that be by pulling it out with their friend’s F350, digging it out, or setting it on fire. If you are considering any of these options take a few minutes to look into some of the failed attempts people post on YouTube and social media. 

The safest and most effective way to remove stumps is with a grinder. While you can rent one and remove your own stumps, we highly recommend trusting this job to a qualified tree professional (for reasons similar to those listed in myth #1).

Myth #3 – Nature will take care of itself.

This type of laisse-faire attitude toward tree care is far too common. We often hear statements like “Why should you worry about trimming limbs and branches when they’re just going to fall anyway?”, “Don’t dead tree stumps just decompose over time?”, “It’s just a little wind and rain, these trees are decades old, they can withstand one more stormy season?” 

While these are valid points and may be rooted in truth, they can be irresponsible. Sure, branches are going to fall but, with regular assessment and maintenance, they won’t ruin that BBQ you’ve been planning for months. Tree stumps will decompose, but as they do they will create the perfect environment for termites and others pests. A tree may have withstood decades – even centuries – of storms but that doesn’t necessarily mean it can withstand anymore. 

Don’t Trust Just Anybody For Your Tree Service

We don’t have time to address every tree service myth in this short article but the few we’ve highlighted should make the case that tree service is not something you should take your chances with. Sure, the guy with a pickup truck and a chainsaw may be able to provide the best price. But that isn’t the only metric you should be evaluating.

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