There are numerous reasons to remove a tree from your home or business’s landscape. Maybe it’s dying, hanging over your property’s existing structures, or simply in the way. 

Whatever the reason you have for wanting to be rid of a tree, cutting it down is only half of the job. Afterward, a stump remains that is not only an aesthetic eyesore but also potentially dangerous.

That’s why stump removal is so important. Read our blog to learn how Gaston’s Tree Service can help you with your tree stump removal needs. 

The Benefits of Stump Grinding

Stump grinding by a certified arborist is the process of excavating a tree stump but leaving the tree root system behind. Stump grinders can typically go anywhere from 1 to 18 inches below ground, depending on the unique needs of your yard. Using a stump pulverizer, the stump is mechanically ground, and sawdust is left in its place. 

The benefits of stump grinding include the following: 

  • Eliminates the tripping hazard a stump creates
  • Makes mowing the lawn easier and helps prevents lawn mower damage
  • Prevents future tree growth 
  • Frees up that space for new structures or activities
  • Leaves a smaller hole than the stump and root removal

In addition to the following advantages of stump grinding, stump removal using this method helps protect your property’s value. It removes the stump that can detract from the other landscaping features you’ve worked so hard to include in your lawn. 

It’s Cost-Effective 

Stump grinding is a more affordable option than stump removal. With stump removal, heavy machinery is required to get to the tree’s entire root system, and the process takes longer to complete, making this option more expensive than stump grinding. Further, stump grinding is faster than stump removal, decreasing the time it takes to get rid of the stump and reducing labor time. 

It Prevents Pests  

When a tree has been cut down, and a stump remains, that stump is not just an eyesore in your landscape for guests at your home or customers at your business. It also becomes a welcoming haven for nasty pests and invasive organisms, such as beetles, fungi, carpenter ants, and termites that infiltrate the stump and lead to its further decay. 

It’s Effective 

When a stump is ground up, the pulverizer breaks up the stump and shaves what’s left behind. This remaining sawdust mixes with the soil and makes the hole where the stump once was level, removing the need for the hole to be filled manually with other matter. It’s also the most convenient for you, as Gaston’s can remove the tree and the stump more quickly, safely, and efficiently than you could do it yourself. 

Gaston’s Tree Service Is Your Stump Grinding Team

When a tree in your yard needs to go, don’t neglect the stump left behind. Left unhandled, a tree stump in your yard poses a trip risk, attracts harmful invasive pests, and lowers your property’s visual appeal.

To get rid of an unsightly and dangerous tree stump, rely on our team of expert and highly trained arborists at Gaston’s Tree Service. Our team has kept residential and commercial landscapes in North Central Florida beautiful for almost 50 years through our tree trimming, tree removal, emergency tree service, tree debris removal, and stump removal.

We are proud to serve families in our community through trustworthy, honest stump grinding services. Contact us today to learn more about the stump grinding process and get back to loving your yard again.