It can be difficult to decide to cut down a tree on your property, especially if it’s a favorite or associated with family memories. But, in addition to being an eyesore, allowing decaying trees to remain on your property is downright dangerous and a threat to your safety.

Scheduling removal of a dead or dying tree is essential to the overall health of your yard, but you may wonder when the best time is to say goodbye. Unless there is an emergency need for sooner removal, waiting until winter has many benefits. 

Cold Weather Tree Removal Benefits

Tree inspection and removal are part of our recommended fall tree care checklist. Giving your trees extra attention during the dormant months will provide a healthy foundation for spring growth. Some signs you can look for that indicate it is time to call in tree removal experts include the following.  

  • You notice signs of infection, including entry holes, discolored leaves, or fungi. 
  • You see dead branches. If more than half the tree’s branches are dead, it’s time to remove it. 
  • You notice stunted growth. If the tree does not appear as healthy as those nearby, it is likely time to say goodbye. 
  • A split or cracked trunk indicates internal decay.
  • The tree is hollow or leans to the side, indicating structural damage.
  • Sprouts or small branches, known as “epicormic shoots,” are growing at the tree base. 
  • The tree is growing under power lines, or its branches hang too close to your property’s structures. 

It is important to note that trees may appear healthy until inclement weather proves otherwise. Even if you do not see any of the signs listed above, that is not a guarantee that your trees are healthy. Decaying branches become weighed down during the winter months and are at greater risk of falling. When this happens, you could incur surprise damage to your home, car, or other structures on your property. 


One reason tree removal is best in the winter is that deciduous trees lost their leaves, making it easier for the tree technician to thoroughly assess your trees from the trunk to the top to determine which should be removed. The removal process is also safer and can be done more efficiently, and cleanup is much easier and faster. Removing a tree in the colder months also minimizes damage to the surrounding plants and foliage, as cold earth does not disturb as easily. The tree’s weight is decreased with the lack of vegetation, and that makes it easier for the arborist to remove. 

Nutrient Protection

A decaying or dead tree can spread disease to nearby trees and plants and impede the distribution of necessary nutrients, so removing the tree allows the nutrients to disperse more effectively. Nutrients are not wasted on the tree’s dying components and can instead nourish viable trees and plants nearby so they are ready to flourish in the spring.    

Spring Planning

The best time for tree removal is winter because you will not be stuck looking at a dying tree. You can begin to aerate the area and plant in preparation for spring’s growing season once you remove the dead tree. Don’t stress the tree by waiting until spring. This can make the tree trunk more likely to experience disease, rot, and pest invasions that will make spring growth more difficult. 


Many tree companies experience an uptick in service requests in the spring and summer months. This is due to heavy rainfall and homeowners’ renewed focus on landscaping. By assessing and planning tree removal services early, you avoid the rush of those months. Open yourself up to more options by scheduling an appointment early.

Gaston’s Tree Service Gets Your Yard Spring Ready

If you are unsure about the trees in your yard and whether they can withstand another cold winter season, contact our expert, certified arborists. We provide emergency services and free quotes, and we perform a professional consultation to help you determine your tree health and which should be removed for your family’s safety. When you rely on Gaston’s Tree Service for your winter tree removal, you can rest assured that we will remove and haul your tree away safely and professionally and that we will exceed your expectations – every time.