Property ownership comes with a variety of outdoor responsibilities. From lawn maintenance to tree trimming, many of these responsibilities you are more than capable of doing by yourself but,  others should always be trusted to a certified professional. 

Call us biased but, because of the need for special equipment and training, tree trimming is one area of responsibility we always recommend consulting a professional before undertaking. 

There are many different types of trees and shrubs on your property. Each requires a specific set of practices to maintain and thrive. Any qualified tree service provider should know the proper steps and have the basic equipment to handle your trees’ needs but, not all tree service companies are created equal. One significant way they differ is on how they choose to access your tree’s limbs and branches.

When considering hiring a tree service professional, it’s important to properly qualify them first. Something we highly recommend considering is not hiring a professional who uses climbing spikes to access a tree that is not going to be removed. 

Climbing Spikes: What Are They and Why Should You Avoid Them?

Tree climbing spikes, also known as climbing spurs or climbing gaffs, are simply metal spikes that attach to a tree climber’s legs to allow them to access and navigate through the tree they are servicing. 

While the use of tree spikes is fine, if you plan to remove the tree in question, they should never be used on a healthy tree (except in extreme circumstances). Using climbing spikes can cause damage in a variety of ways. They can:

  • Puncture the tree’s cambium, or living tissue underneath the bark, causing irregular shoot growth or, worse, parts of the tree to die off.
  • Leave holes that will make the tree vulnerable to insect infestations and dangerous tree diseases.
  • Be carriers of disease from previously service diseased trees and transfer that disease to your healthy tree, if not cleaned properly.
  • Leave unsightly gashes and marks in the tree’s bark, even if they do heal cleanly.

What Should You Look For Instead?

A good tree care company knows the dangers of spikes and will make the health of your tree a top priority. As such, most professional tree services will have the necessary equipment, such as cranes and lifts, to reach the top of your tree without having to use spikes. 

From there, it’s important to find a company with a solid reputation in the industry and community, as well as, sufficient insurance to protect you and your property (otherwise, you could end up being responsible for the contractor). 

Trust Gaston’s Tree Service For Your Tree Trimming Needs

Gaston’s Tree Service has been serving North Florida for over 48 years. In that time, we have invested in some of the best equipment, not only in our area but in our industry. We employ multiple certified arborists and hold certifications from the industries leading associations.

If you need tree services, such as tree trimming or tree removal, contact Gaston’s today.