If you’re not that familiar with tree care, you may think anyone with a chainsaw and a ladder is capable of removing trees for you. But, nothing could be further from the truth. It makes a big difference to hire a reputable tree service provider like Gaston’s Tree Service which invests in the latest equipment and technology to preserve the health of your trees and the integrity of your property. This includes tree cranes that help us remove your dead and dying trees safely and effectively. Read on to learn more about why we use cranes in our tree removal services. 

What Is a Tree Removal Crane?

A tree crane is a special piece of equipment used for tree work. Unlike a construction crane, a tree crane is mounted on the back of a truck, where a trained crane operator sits in a cab and uses the crane’s arm, called a boom, or arm, to reach the tree’s highest parts. These cranes allow tree service workers to access trees when builders are close together, a gate or wall is blocking the tree, or the tree is difficult or impossible to reach due to other factors. 

Cranes help tree service providers to

  • Access taller trees and difficult-to-access areas.
  • More safely extend to the tree’s tallest parts.
  • Decrease the time it takes to remove the tree.

Gaston’s Tree Service uses bucket trucks with an 85’ working height, but for more extreme heights or heavier weight loads, we use our cranes to view and access the tallest trees in Gainesville and the surrounding communities. 

How Is a Tree Crane Used?

You may think a tree is removed by making cuts at the base and letting the tree just fall over. However, this method would be ineffective and dangerous on properties where a falling tree could damage building structures or people. 

Setting Up and Stabilizing the Crane

When we come to your residential or commercial property, we park and level the tree crane using outriggers placed against blocks to support the crane’s weight while the boom section is in use. Stabilizing the tree crane is dependent on the ground’s slope, the compaction of the ground surrounding the crane, and how big the tree is to be removed. 

Removing the Tree

Once a strategic tree removal plan is in place, the crane operator and the rest of the tree service team can begin working. The designated tree climber is lifted into the tree to attach themselves and the crane to the tree using steel cables or nylon straps. The tree climber cuts away the tree in a top-down, section by section method, which the crane lifts and moves down to the ground crew. 

Making Mulch

The ground crew helps lower the cut tree sections to the ground, removing the cables the tree climber put on it. They then run the cut tree through a chipper to create top-quality mulch. This process can be repeated until the whole tree is removed. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Crane?


In some situations, a trained tree climber, can scale the tree to then cut off tree sections and allow them to fall or be led to the ground through ropes. However, if trees are damaged from pests, diseases, or storms, they are essentially rotting from the inside out and are unsafe for a tree climber to ascend on. 

Using a tree crane allows unwanted trees to be removed where other methods may be impossible. Because of the inherent danger involved, you should rely only on experienced tree service professionals who understand how to safely operate the tree crane. 


Constant communication between the crane operator and the tree climber, as well as every tree service provider understanding their role, allows the tree removal to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Ready for Us to Crank Up the Crane?

Our expert team efficiently removes your trees while ensuring your other trees and plants stay healthy — keeping structures and anyone on your property safe. If you’ve decided you need a tree removed, or have been advised by our experienced arborists at Gaston’s Tree Service that a tree on your property is decaying or dying, reach out to us today to request a free quote.