You may think that anyone with a chainsaw and a ladder can remove trees for you. But, that could not be further from the truth.

Hiring a reputable tree service provider, like Gaston’s Tree Service, that invests in the latest equipment and technology makes a big difference. Quality machines enable your tree service provider to preserve the health of your trees and integrity of your property. This includes tree cranes that help us remove your dead and dying trees safely and effectively.

At Gaston’s Tree Service, we have cared for our area’s trees for 50 years. Read on to learn how to hire a reputable tree service company in Gainesville, Florida.

Gaston's Tree Service's tree crane that can be used for tree removal, parked on a dark road in well maintained green grass on a sunny day

How Do You Know a Tree Service Company Is Reputable?

They Are Qualified

Ensure the tree service company you choose is qualified to perform any service your trees need. At Gaston’s Tree Service, our certified arborists receive extensive training and complete safety programs through the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)

Our arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). They successfully completed a comprehensive exam covering tree care and continuing education. This helps them stay updated on the best techniques available. 

They Are Experienced

Improper tree care can leave you dealing with consequences for years to come. That is why it is important to choose a tree service company with the experience and knowledge to care for your yard well. This helps avoid lasting damage.

They Pass Review Checks

While you can’t blindly trust online reviews, they provide a good starting point for gauging how happy previous customers are with the service you’re considering. If the company you’re investigating has more negative reviews than positive ones, it’s a sign that you should consider taking your business elsewhere. 

They Provide Estimates

A quality tree service company will provide you with detailed estimates of the work your trees need. At Gaston’s Tree Service, we provide free quotes to make it easy for you to financially plan for the work your landscape needs.

They Offer a Variety of Services, Including Removal

A tree service company should offer tree removal services for decaying trees in your yard. Not only are they an eyesore, but they can zap nutrition from other nearby trees. Decaying trees also pose a falling risk for anyone on your property — people, pets, and objects included.

Tree removal is a dangerous task. To keep the rest of your trees intact, only professionals should remove trees. Keep in mind that crane-assisted tree removal is best practice for safe removal.

Verify that your tree service company knows how to handle the stump that remains after the tree is removed. You want to know that the tree service company knows how to care for the remaining trees on your property. This can be done through expert trimming, emergency services, and tree debris and stump removal.

They Use Safe and Efficient Equipment

It is vital to know that the company you hire can service your trees safely and efficiently. This is perhaps the most important quality you can look for in a tree service provider. Knowing that your team is well-equipped to handle any size job is a top priority because improperly removing large trees can pose a serious threat to you and your property’s safety.

Additionally, hiring a team that works efficiently can save you time and money. No one likes waiting around for a service provider. Efficient equipment makes the necessary work of high quality tree service take just the right amount of time.

What Is a Tree Removal Crane?

A tree crane is a special piece of equipment that is mounted on the back of a truck for tree work. A trained crane operator sits in a cab and uses the crane’s arm, known as a boom, to reach the tree’s highest parts.

These cranes allow tree service workers to access trees when builders are close together, a gate or wall is blocking the tree, or the tree is difficult or impossible to reach due to other factors. Cranes help tree service providers to:

  • Access taller trees and difficult-to-access areas.
  • More safely extend to the tree’s tallest parts.
  • Decrease the time it takes to remove the tree.

For these reasons, knowing your tree service company uses tree cranes to remove trees is a considerable pro. 

Gaston’s Tree Service uses bucket trucks with an 85’ working height. For more extreme heights or heavier weight loads, we use our cranes to access the tallest trees in Gainesville and the surrounding communities. 

How Is a Tree Crane Used?

You may think that you remove a tree by making cuts at the base and letting it just fall over. However, this method is ineffective and dangerous on properties where a falling tree could damage building structures or people. 

This is the tree removal process that Gaston’s Tree Service follows.

  1. Setting Up and Stabilizing the Crane: When we come to your residential or commercial property, we park and level the tree crane using outriggers placed against blocks to support the crane’s weight while the boom section is in use. Stabilizing the tree crane is dependent on the ground’s slope, the compaction of the ground surrounding the crane, and the size of the tree.
  2. Removing the Tree: Once a tree removal plan is in place, the crane operator and the rest of the tree service team begin working. The designated tree climber lifts themselves into the tree. Then, they attach both themselves and the crane to the tree using steel cables or nylon straps. The tree climber cuts the tree in a top-down, section by section method, which the crane lifts and moves down to the ground crew. 
  3. Making Mulch: The ground crew helps lower the cut tree sections to the ground, removing the cables the tree climber put on it. They then run the cut tree through a chipper to create top-quality mulch. This process can be repeated until the whole tree is removed. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Crane for Tree Removal?

Safety: In some situations a trained tree climber can scale the tree to cut off tree sections, allow them to fall, or be led to the ground through ropes. However, if pests, diseases, or storms damage trees, they rot from the inside out. This makes it unsafe for a tree climber to ascend on them. 

The use of a tree crane enables the removal of unwanted trees in situations where other methods may be impossible. Because of the danger involved, you should rely only on experienced tree service professionals who understand how to safely operate the tree crane and secure the surrounding area.

Efficiency: Constant communication between the crane operator and the tree climber allows the tree removal to go as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

Gaston’s Is Your Equipped and Trusted Tree Service Company

Rely on the expert team at Gaston’s Tree Service when you need a tree service company in North Florida. We provide expert services and equipment (including tree cranes) that keep all of your trees healthy and your home safe. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, so we can efficiently and effectively inspect, diagnose, treat, or remove your trees. Bring the beauty back to your yard today!