People often use the terms tree surgeon and arborist interchangeably, and while these titles have similarities, they also hold key differences. A tree surgeon plays an important role in the health and vitality of your trees. One way is diagnosing and creating a care plan for hazardous, dying trees.

Removing trees requires precision and careful execution. To be confident that the job is done safely and correctly, ensure that the person who removes trees from your yard is a certified arborist.

A tree surgeon (International Society of Arboriculture-certified arborist) trimming a tree in a bucket truck

What Is a Tree Surgeon? 

A tree surgeon is an arborist who has been certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Additionally, ISA-certified arborists must earn continuing education credits to ensure that they stay informed about changes in the tree care industry. A tree surgeon and an ordinary arborist share some job functions, but the difference is like that between a medical doctor and a surgeon. 

What Do Tree Surgeons Do?

An arborist provides basic tree care and maintenance, while a tree surgeon cares for trees in the following tree care services.

For newly planted trees, tree surgeons can help construct bracing or cabling needed for stabilization. They also knowledgeably assess the health of your mature trees to see if any limbs or branches are diseased. Subsequently, they create an effective treatment plan to return your trees to good health. 

What Skills Does a Certified Arborist Need?

Certified arborists are experts in arboriculture. They have the knowledge needed to cultivate, manage, and inspect trees and other plants. They are experts in using the equipment necessary to perform the dangerous tasks of pruning and removing trees, limbs, and stumps. This equipment includes harnesses, tree cranes, chainsaws, axes, ladders, and rigging kits. 

Why Should I Use a Tree Surgeon?

Treating your trees professionally in Tree City of the World Gainesville, Florida, comes with a number of benefits. Placing your trees properly can increase your property value from 7–20%. A tree surgeon can inspect your trees to determine which limbs and branches should be removed. This proper pruning can stop you from accidentally hosting unwanted pests and make your yard a safer space. 

Professional tree check-ups can help determine whether a sick tree can be salvaged or if it needs total removal. If the latter is decided, attempting tree removal without a tree surgeon would be a mistake. 

These arboriculture professionals develop a strategic plan, detailing where the tree will fall, keeping everyone on the property safe. Additionally, they consider the weight of heavy tree limbs and their projected falling force.

Trust Your Gainesville Trees to the Certified Arborists at Gaston’s

It can be tempting to think that you can perform the same tasks as a tree surgeon with any arborist. However, with certified arborists on staff, you can keep your trees as healthy and safe as possible. Our trained tree experts are ready to help you diagnose and treat your trees to keep your entire lawn healthy and beautiful for your year-round enjoyment. If you are ready to experience the difference of using certified arborists who know how to best care for all of your trees, get in touch with the trusted team at Gaston’s Tree Service to request a free quote.