Hurricane season in Florida begins on June 1st and lasts for a total of 5 months – with the season’s peak occurring between August and September. 

In addition to these devastating storms, Florida also experiences the highest proportion of lightning strikes, rain occurrences, and high winds during this season. All these disturbances can take a toll on your trees, increasing the chances that they’ll uproot unexpectedly or that weak branches will break off and cause collateral damage. Luckily, this potential damage can easily be mitigated with proper tree assessment and service.

Put simply: Healthy trees are better equipped to withstand storms and proper tree maintenance during storm season can protect your property and reinforce your safety. 

Healthy trees are better equipped to withstand storms and proper tree maintenance during storm season can protect your property and reinforce your safety. 

Beware These Common Tree Hazards During Storm Season

Regular tree trimming can make a big difference when a storm comes. That said, there are few things to keep an eye out for when the wind, rain, and lightning start to pick up. 

Dead Trees and Branches

Removing dead (or dying) trees and branches should be addressed immediately. Weak and damaged limbs can be easily ripped from a tree and dropped on nearby vehicles and buildings. It’s important to keep an eye out for: 

  • Leafless branches (while other branches are full of leaves).
  • Large spots of fungus or disease.
  • Holes, missing bark, cracks, or other damage that may compromise the tree’s integrity. 

All these things can be signs that your tree or its limbs are compromised. Be sure to address them immediately to avoid unwanted surprises. 

Dense Canopies

Next, it’s important to prune any trees that have overly dense canopies. A large canopy can act like a sail in a strong wind, causing the tree to suddenly break or uproot and fall over. 

In addition to the wind, rain can drastically increase the weight in an already dense canopy, making it too heavy for the supporting branches. Having a professional arborist evaluate your canopy and provide recommendations can go a long way in keeping your trees strong, healthy, and safe. 

Newly Planted Trees

Since they haven’t developed a strong root system, young trees are especially susceptible to the heavy wind and rain a hurricane or strong storm system can bring. 

Protect these trees by staking them to avoid excessive bending and snapping. Small trees can also be covered to keep them safe from intense elements or flying debris in the case of really powerful storms.

It’s important to note that while establishing new trees, there aren’t many things you can do that will help them develop a strong root system more than mulching them. For more information and resources on properly mulching trees, check out this great article

Trees Near Property or Utility Lines

While the trees closest to your house or utility lines aren’t any more susceptible to storm damage than other trees, they can be a LOT more destructive. When storms come, the trees that matter most are the trees that threaten you and your family’s safety. By nature of their location, these trees are the most important to have inspected and serviced first.  

It’s important to schedule regular maintenance of these trees to ensure that there are no surprises when a storm hits. 

Prepare For Storms With Help From Gaston’s Tree Service

There are a lot of reasons that storm season is an incredibly important time to service your trees. Trimming thick canopies, pruning weak branches, and removing unstable trees can all make a big difference in fostering the safety and security of you and your family.

While much of your storm preparation can be accomplished on your own with common yard tools, some of it will likely require a professional with specialized equipment

If you are uncertain of your ability to assess or service the trees on your property, Gaston’s would love to help. We have been providing top-notch emergency tree service and storm protection to North Central Florida for nearly 50 years. 

With certified arborists on staff, the experts at Gaston’s Tree Service can assess, estimate, service, and remove your trees – so that you can rest assured that your home will be protected this storm season.